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Morphin and Self-Expression.

When I went to high school, I wore Heely’s and the same orange hat every day (An Orange Clemson hat). I actually got written up in the school newspaper as a freshman for the Heely’s because that was a unique item used to skate around, but disguised as shoes. And yes, I’m sure wearing the same orange hat every day somehow influenced me wearing bright orange pants every day to work now.

High school is a weird time for everyone, but the journey of self-expression never changes. We continue to optimize who we are through what we wear, how we wear it. Marilyn Monroe was known for the mole and the dress, Steve Jobs was known for his awesome turtle necks.

Consistency is the most important thing towards outward self-expression.

Today, there’s a whole new channel to build an identity in, the internet. I believe that GIFs are the best way to express yourself online, however there are emojis, videos, twitch things…People use all kinds of tools. The one that I’m having the most fun using is a product called Morphin (a Boost VC Portfolio company).

At Boost VC we are heavy GIF users already. Basically any template email we have, we send with GIFs. Now I can insert myself into any of the most popular GIF clips.

Not to tell startups how to send cold emails, but in my cold reach-outs, sending GIFs of the person I am emailing using Morphin has given me pretty much 100% return rate. They still need to be personalized, but as a method of self-expression, this thing is so fun.

By Adam Draper

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